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Vehicle Protection
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Preserve Your Vehicle's Beauty and Longevity

When it comes to protecting your investment, trust Ron’s Complete Auto Body to provide comprehensive vehicle protection services designed to safeguard your ride against the elements, everyday wear and tear, and the inevitable signs of aging. Whether you're looking to prevent rust, protect your paint's pristine finish, or preserve your interior's like-new condition, our experts have got you covered.

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Our Vehicle Protection Options:

Ron’s UnderGuard Rust Protection

  • Transferable (Could Increase Trade-In Value)
  • No Holes Drilled
  • Clean and Odorless

Ron’s UnderGuard Fabric Protection

  • Prevents Staining from Coffee, Soft Drinks
  • Guards Against Pet and Baby Mishaps
  • Invisible — Does Not Alter Fabric

Ron’s UnderGuard Undercoat

  • Rust Preventative
  • Compatible With Factory Processes
  • Excellent Sound-Deadening Qualities
  • Blackens the Wheel Wells and Underbody for a Pleasing Cosmetic Finish

Ron’s UnderGuard Paint Protection

  • Bonds to Paint With Glass-Like Armor
  • Fortified With UV Screen
  • No Waxing or Polishing
  • May Bring Higher Trade-In Value

Ron’s UnderGuard
Leather-Vinyl Protection

  • Penetrates Pores With Invisible Protective Layer
  • Resists Stains, Protects Against Abrasion
  • Prevents Deterioration, Discoloration, Mildewing and Fading

Ron’s UnderGuard Rust Protection

  • Transferable (could increase trade-in value)
  • No holes drilled
  • Clean and odorless

Ron’s UnderGuard Fabric Protection

  • Prevents staining from coffee, soft drinks
  • Guards against pet and baby mishaps
  • Invisible — does not alter fabric

Ron’s UnderGuard Undercoat

  • Rust preventative
  • Compatible with factory processes
  • Excellent sound-deadening qualities
  • Blackens the wheel wells and underbody for a pleasing cosmetic finish

Ron’s UnderGuard Paint Protection

  • Bonds to paint with glass-like armor
  • Fortified with UV screen
  • No waxing or polishing
  • May bring higher trade-in value

Ron’s UnderGuard
Leather-Vinyl Protection

  • Penetrates pores with an invisible protective layer
  • Resists stains, protects against abrasion
  • Prevents deterioration, discoloration, mildewing and fading

Total Protection Packages

For ultimate peace of mind, consider one of our total protection packages:

Package A

ValuGard Total Protection Package

Starting: $1,299.00

Package A Includes:

  • ValuGard Rust Protection
  • ValuGard Paint Protection
  • ValuGard Underbody Sound and Rust Shield
  • ValuGard Interior Protection

Package B

Individual Service Pricing

Package B Includes:

  • Rust Protection & Undercoat: $799
  • Rust Protection Only: $499
  • Undercoat only: $499
  • Paint Protection only: $499
  • Interior Only: $399
  • Ceramic Coating: $1,399
  • Rust Conversion: Starting at $299
  • Pick up and delivery: $100
  • Warrant New Car: $50
    Model year 2024
  • Warranty Used Car: $30
    Model year 2021 to 2023

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4.8 stars | 205 reviews
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